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M0CVO Antennas is currently closed whilst we move to a brand new location.  We will be re-opening on the 5th March 2018. 

The web-store is still open if you wish to place an order but don't mind waiting until this date for shipping.


Awarded on 31/07/2015. 

Welcome to M0CVO Antennas

M0CVO Antennas, amateur radio antennas for fixed station or portable operations, HF/6m all are catered for.  The antennas produced by us are all manufactured by Nigel Booth, M0CVO.  They may not all be totally new designs but, I hope that they are an improvement on the originals. The Off Centre Fed Dipole (OCFD) has been used for many years, the most famous being the Carolina Windom.  Both the HW-40 and the HW-20 are varients of this albeit at a much lower price and more affordable for today's radio amateurs.   The long wire antenna has also been used for many years but is renowned for high feed point impedance and RF in the shack.  We have incorporated the M0CVO 9:1 UNUN at the feed point and removed both these problems, creating an antenna that exceeds expectations and provides excellent performance with a small footprint.  The LW-10 is just 10m (33ft) in length and covers all bands from 40m up to 6m via an ATU, the LW-20 is just 20m (66ft) in length and covers all bands from 80m up to 10m via an ATU.  We also have a range of mono band dipoles, the MD-20HP for the 20m band, the MD-17HP for the 17m band, the MD-15HP for the 15m band, the MD-12HP for the 12m band and the MD-10HP for the 10m band.  The Delta range of antennas, which are full wave loops, are proving popular.  Recently introduced are the DBD range of antennas.  These are shortened dipoles enabling LF operation in small townhouse gardens.  These are now available through our store here.

To get your new antenna please visit our shop.

Payment accepted by cheque or postal order, crossed and made payable to M0CVO Antennas (please do not send cash in case this goes missing in the post), or payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, or JCB over the telephone at 07921639978 or if visiting to collect your items, or PayPal.

If paying by cheque please add £5.00 p&p (£10 for HW-42HP or HW-80HP).

We also ship to Europe, Asia, USA, South America, Australia, the East and Africa. 


All items are guaranteed for 3 months from date of purchase against any faults due to manufacture and may be returned in that time with details of fault. This will be void if there is evidence of wilful damage or tampering.

Mounting and fitting of the antennas is down to the  purchaser so we cannot accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by incorrect installation. 

MOGPIE Software

Mogpie is a software development company owned by M0CVO Antennas that develops Windows 10 Apps for amateur radio. 

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