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DL-10 : Dummy Load / Attenuator











A must have in the shack for the QRP enthusiast or home brewer. This is a 10W dummy load for use during calibration of your home brew transmitter or during power tests. This is used in place of an antenna and shows a 50 ohm load to the transmitter. It also includes a 40dB attenuator and provides a BNC output for direct connection to an oscilloscope or spectrum analyser to enable you to test your equipment without overloading your scope. Again, a maximum of 10W input from your transmitter.


 Maximum Input Power: 10W

 Frequency range: 1MHz -200MHz

  Impedance: 50Ω

Attenuation: 40dB

 Dimensions: 90mm * 35mm*30mm (l*w*h), excluding projections. 

    Weight: 80g 

    Case materials: Aluminium 

    Finish: Matt black.

Also available is the DL-10/A.  This contains just the attenuator and no dummy load so can be used to reduce your power from Watts to milliwatts for QRPP work.  Maximum power input is still 10W and attenuation is 40dB.































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