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This month's new products

New products available this month: the Bloomice UHF (70cm) short Yagi antenna.  This 5 element Yagi gives 9dBi gain, will handle 100W, can be mounted vertical or horizontal so is ideal for either getting into that repeater or for SSB or CW.  Lightweight aluminium construction too so ideal for SOTA ops.

New dealers required

M0CVO Antennas are currently seeking dealers in Australia and Germany to stock and sell our HF Antenna products.  For details please e-mail: sales@m0cvoantennas.eu

Antenna testing

M0CVO Antennas are now able to offer an antenna testing service.  This service is offered for either amateur or commercial HF antenna systems in the Central UK region (Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire/Belvoir Valley).  Please e-mail sales@m0cvoantennas.eu or use our contact page for further details.