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I do hope that you find the software on this page useful.  It is free for you to download and use but if you do find it useful, please remember that it does take much time and resources to create software so if you wish to donate please click the donate button below and send what you wish.

Thank you for your consideration.


aCalc, an antenna calculator.  This is free to use and can be downloaded and installed from here: aCalc.zip

This is a new, updated version released on 04/03/2015.


aCalc Screenshot.

Lambda Calculator

Lambda Calculator is similar to aCalc above but is suitable for those using pre Windows 7 software such as Windows XP or Vista.  It is free to use and can be installed from here: Lambda_Calc.zip

Lambda Calc screenshot

QUAD Design

QUAD design is a Multi element quad beam design calculator suitable for antennas for HF, VHF or UHF right up to the lower GHz bands (23cm, 13cm).  It is written using Visual C# 7.0 and is suitable for Windows only I'm afraid (no MAC or LINUX version yet).  It is free to use and can be downloaded and installed from here: QUAD3.zip