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The M0CVO Dipoles (MD range)


The M0CVO Dipoles (MD range)

These are mono-band dipole antennas cut for the more popular amateur radio bands of 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m. Light enough for portable use and strong enough for fixed station use.They will handle up to 400W CW and 500W PEP.

At the centre of these dipoles is the M0CVO 1:1 balun. This enables the antenna to be fed directly with 50 Ω coax via the SO239 socket at the feedpoint. The MD-20HP is cut for the 20m band (14.0 - 14.35MHz), the MD-17HP is cut for  the 17m band (18.068 - 18.168MHz), the MD-15HP is cut for the 15m band (21.0 - 21.45MHz), the MD-12HP is cut for the 12m band (24.89 - 24.99MHz) and the MD-10HP is cut for the 10m band (28.0 - 29.7MHz).

A VSWR of 1:1 can be obtained using the internal Auto ATU of most radios from the most basic to the most complex.

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