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DBD-4080 15/40/80 LOADED DIPOLE


Three band loaded dipole for 15m, 40m and 80m (only loaded on 80m). SWR below 1.5 throughout the whole 15m band, <2 throughout the 40m band (7.0 - 7.2MHz) and resonant at 3.650MHz +-100khz on the 80m band (SSB portion).  This is fitted with a M0CVO 1:1 BALUN at the feedpoint and can be fed with standard 50ohm coax.

Overall length is just 24m so will even fit in small gardens and can be dog-legged or bent with little change in performance.


Length:  24m

Bands:  15 / 40m / 80m

Max Power: 400W CW, 550W SSB


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