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M0CVO MD-80HP, Mono Band Dipole for 80m


The M0CVO MD-80HP is a mono-band dipole for the 80m band from 3.5 – 3.8MHz. At the centre of the dipole is the M0CVO 1:1 Balun enabling it to be fed directly with 50Ω coaxial cable.

The overall length of the dipole is just over 40m and, due to its light weight and construction it is suitable for both portable or fixed station use. The wire elements may be coiled for transportation or storage without kinking. The VSWR should be below 2.5 across most of the band and can be tuned to 1:1 at a given spot using an ATU. With 400W power handling capability it is suitable for every class from foundation to full licence holder and from QRP to QRO.

The radiated signal is in a figure eight pattern from the sides with an elevation of approximately 30° with a gain of 7.28dBi if mounted horizontally. If space does not allow for this it may be mounted as an inverted L, an inverted V or as a sloper with little effect on performance.


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