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The HW-160HP is an Off Centre Fed Dipole designed to operate on 160m (1.8MHz), 80m (3.5MHz) and 40m (7MHz) without an ATU. It can also be used on all other bands from 40m to 10m with a good ATU. Having a feedpoint at 1/3 of the way along instead of halfway along gives a feedpoint impedance of approximately 200Ω. This is not ideal for modern day transceivers requiring an antenna with a 50Ω impedance. Therefore, a 4:1 current balun is added at the feedpoint to alter the impedance to something closer to the 50Ω required. This then allows the antenna to be fed using standard 50Ω coaxial cable such as RG8 or RG213.

The overall length of the antenna is 81.12m (264FT). It may be mounted horizontally, as a sloper, or as an inverted vee. If space is at a premium it may also be ‘bent’ to fit in with no loss in performance. Best performance will be seen when mounted at least one quarter wave above the ground at the lowest frequency. It may be mounted lower if necessary but due to the varying nature of the ground below, the overall impedance and performance may be affected slightly.

An ATU is advisable on all bands to fine tune the antenna.

Maximum input power is 1.2kW.

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