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Mast accessories and dipole centres


Thinking of building yourself a new dipole? Need it to be lightweight for SOTA or portable activities?  these dipole centres are ideal for this purpose being both lightweight and strong.  There is a choice of two designs, one being for ladder line feed the other being for coaxial or ladder.

Guy Ring

This is a 14.4mm (0.57") centre diameter Guy Ring, ideal for attaching guys to a telescopic fibre glass mast, such as a fishing pole used for portable antennas. Strong and durable but lightweight with Three an chor points for guy lines plus an extra 2 anchor points for attaching coax or an antenna. A must have for SOTA operators, hill toppers or any situation where a fishing pole is used as either a temporary or semi-permanent antenna mast.

Guy Tag

Use at the end of a wire antenna or guy line and fix to the ground with a tent peg. Ideal for SOTA or other /P operations. Strong, durable and lightweight.


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