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BB1 VXO Oscillator kits


A collection of electronic kits that can be used alone to incorporate into your own designs or together to complete larger projects.


These are variable crystal oscillators based around a Colpitts design.  The Crystals are on the QRP spot frequencies of 7.030MHz or 14.060MHz.  Output is via a MOLEX connector so it can be used as a stage in a small transmitter or receiver.  Suitable as educational kits to assist in the Intermediate Amateur Radio licence training program.  Output 50mV sinewave.

Buffer Amplifier

As a follow on to the oscillator above (available from  HERE  ;) - input and output are via MOLEX connectors.  It can either be connected directly from the output of the oscillator or via a keying circuit to use as a QRP (low power) CW transmitter.  You do need to have an amateur radio licence to operate it as such though.  You may also need to add further items (band pass filter) to avoid interference on other frequencies.

Club discounts available for bulk orders - if you are buying for an intermediate course (Amateur Radio) please ask for details.


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