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UHF Mini tri-band vertical


A small vertical antenna for the 433MHz (70cm), 1296MHz (23cm) and the 2450MHz (13cm) bands.  This is for fixed station, portable or marine use.  It is rated IP67 making it fully waterproof and dustproof.  With a wide bandwidth and a VSWR <1.5. 

The antenna is fibre glass enclosed, is 0.4m long and weighs just 0.4Kg.  All mast fittings are included.


Length: 40cm

Freq:     433MHz, 1296MHz, 2450MHz

Gain      3dBi

Accessories: Supplied with 5m mil spec RG58 and N plug, Mast bracket and u-bolts.

Full data sheet in .pdf format available here .

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