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Bloomice 70cm 5 element Yagi

£36.85 £40.95

Lightweight (0.6kg) 5 element Yagi antenna manufactured by Bloomice and available exclusively in the UK from M0CVO Antennas. This antenna gives 9dBi gain and can be mounted vertically (for repeater access) or horizontally (for DX work on SSB or CW). Max power input 100W. The boom is 0.9m in length, Boom diameter is 20.46mm, Mast diameter is 1.5 to 2 inches, The cable stub has a female N-type connector and is 140mm long RG213, F/B ratio is 14dB Forward gain is 9dBi VSWR <=1.5, Polarisation horizontal or vertical using supplied brass clamp, Rated wind velocity 60m/s.

There is a small hole in the driven element plastic support. This should face downward to prevent water ingress (or be plugged). Also, it is a good idea to seal the entry points for the driven element with self amalgamating tape.

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