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M0CVO Antennas CV Mini-DX


The M0CVO Antennas CV Mini-DX

The M0CVO Antennas CV Mini-DX is a shortened HF Vertical Antenna for all bands from 60m(5MHz) to 10m (28MHz). It can be either ground mounted where pure stealth is required (it can even be hidden inside a small shrub or bush) or wall/pole mounted. (If wall mounted it may require the addition of wire earth radials.) Overall length is just 1.5m so won't look out of place wherever you use it.

The antenna is constructed from 20mm aluminium tubing with a centre loading coil and is matched via your ATU - the internal ATU found on most modern transceivers will suffice in most cases but for QRO activities (where an external amplifier is being used) an external ATU between the antenna and amp is necessary.

Max power handling is 400W CW or 550W PEP, for high rate data modes, such as FT8, a maximum of 90W is recommended.

The antenna should be fed with 50 ohm coaxial cable via the SO239 socket at the feedpoint.

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