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Customer Feedback

Below is just some of the great feedback received from happy customers:


My original antenna was an inverted "V" doublet tuneable across the HF bands and I also used a purchased "Cobweb" antenna. Performance of each of these was about the same but having installed your 40m loop my receive and several transmit "S" reports are better by 3 to 5 "S" points

Best wishes,

John, G1HSL


Hi Nigel,

At last, with a great deal of physical help from Roger, M0RLC, have erected the 40 m loop I recently purchased from you. It is mounted as a delta loop with the longest side running N - S and 17 m long with the other two sides at 11 m and 12 m. The apex of the triangle is about 8m high and the other poles at about6 m - the best we could achieve with my plot. I'm delighted to say that all bands exhibit an SWR of 1 -1 using an Elecraft K3 tuner when necessary. Top band struggles to get a 3 - 1 SWR ! I have just managed 3 contacts so far - Bosnia, Italy and a nice chat with a VY station.

Roger says he has done well with the [80m ?] long wire he recently purchased from you - achieving a 1500 mile contact on top band using FT8

We're both very pleased with your product - thank you.

Best wishes,

John, G1HSL


Hi Nigel,

I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how much I love this antenna.  I am using it in the attic of my townhouse and it works great!.  I have a rather small area and it covers the distance at peak of inside roof and goes in opposite directions.  The distance is about 4 feet too short on both sides, so I just have it sloping down on each end.  I've been able to reach Sao Paulo Brazil on SSB from Nashville TN.  I have also been using FT8 and have reached all around the world.  Thanks again for the fine workmanship of this super antenna.  If you ever come across anything better let me know.  I'd love to be able to get other bands, 80m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m.  I realize that I don't have the area needed for some of the bands, but any suggestions would be appreciated. 

Thanks again for a GREAT PRODUCT (DBD-2040)

Bruce Bice





neat little antenna seller was fast with delivery to great many thanks


Hello Nigel I thought you might like more detailed feedback on the OCFD now that it temporarily strung around the garden; maximum height 6m.

SWR readings

40m  1.65 -1.68
20m  1.80  -1.81
15m    2.03 - 2.06
10m    1.33 - 1.51

Interestingly on

80m      2.39 - 2.48
which is usable so called a F6 and got a report so it might be more multiband than you suspect for my first QSO in 21 Years. I am using valve PA ( TS520 ) so it doesn't really care about SWR and anything flying back will just keep me warm. I'll see if I can get any more on 40m and 20m and give some encouraging feedback on ebay.



In one week I have worked on 80m:
F,G,GM,GW,DH,LA,PA,OZ,OK,IT,OE and had a couple of QRZ from UA2 and Moldova. The reports aren't 599 but it is radiating properly.

On the other bands connected normally ( I don't use an ATU ) the final SWR are

40m 1.7 : 1
20m 1.2 : 1
15m 2.4 : 1
10m 1.0 : 1

So if you can make sense of all this feel free to use it on your web site. If you don' trust the figures you can quote me that I have a multiband , unobtrusive antenna for less than £40 and the proof is in the log!


Hello Nigel - thought you might like to know there was a very brief opening on 10m yesterday and your trusty product managed QSO with 5N, EA8, CN8 and PY2 with a QRZ from LU. Who needs a beam?
73 Dave GW3TYI


 Harold Wood:
Hi Nigel at last the HW-20 went up to-day its in a sloper config. from 30ft to 6 ft. 1 to 1 on 20mtrs fiirst try a N4PN and W3BGN and it was a contest,it also swrs on 40 which was a surprise. 73 G7NAL


Hi Nigel,just to let you know the HW-20 is working brilliant with a 1.1 on 20mtrs and also on 40mtrs and a workable SWR on the other bands except 80Mtrs,i contacted a fellow ham in Bulgaria last night and the reply was " Who is the G7 with the big signal" i was well chuffed i only use 100watts,so thanks for a great antenna      73 de G7NAL   Harold
Hi Nigel, thanks for the extremely quick dispatch, I received it the following (Sat) morning so less than 24 hours after I ordered it. May be of interest that I installed it and on the Saturday evening I heard 2 Canadians on 6m (both VO1's) and yesterday I logged 14 JA's on 20m in just over an hour plus this morning I had a KH6 at a real 589 on my s meter! I think it is fair to say it is working :) I have installed a ferrite choke 10 feet down the coax to make it into a Windom which makes a big difference on 6m. Thanks for a great antenna - I am recommending you to anyone who will listen!
73, Sean G4UCJ
Alan, M0JRA:
I got in touch with nigel booth M0CVO who makes antennas , after a long talk on the phone and much info given to me about these antennas, rather than wait del i went to nigels qth to collect the long wire ,,

LW-20:   20m in length, this will work on all bands from 80m - 6m via an ATU.   Big performance from a small footprint.

I was met at the door by nigel and made most welcome by him and his xyl chatted for some time and off i went with my new antenna,

The following day i was working a special event call GB2YD with the guys from the maltby radio club, working from maltby crags south yorkshire
i had the 6btv vertical up and set the LW..20 up on to two 7mtr roach fishing poles..and was very impresed with the out come from the wire, i will be adding a log of all my contacts i have on the LW..20
My log contacts on the antenna below:
Heared port stanley falklands could not get past pile up.
11.08.2010 took the wire to the radio club set it up and worked 3 stations in between talking..Slovinia..59,
Spain..59, France..59
Nigel,I can't believe the difference.....The Comet BB6w wire antenna which is currently priced at about £219 is little more then wet string in comparison to the LW10, I have had more success this weekend with my two classic radios FT101 and and my TS520. Far less noise and superb results. I previously thought it was my location how wrong I was.
Many thanks for a great product. Alan G7ELG
 Thanks Nigel antenna went up today works great, swr's spot on on all bands apart from 15m its about 3 but the atu sorts it no problem..
Don't know if its a coincidence but 15m is wide open haven't heard anything on there for years...Dead chuffed thanks..
Hi Nigel just to let you know since i purchased the OCF antennae,(HW-20) i have had excellent results but  this week i have got qsl cards back from Japan,Bermuda and my best yet Guam all on 20 mtrs the antenna slope from 40 ft down to 10 ft
                                                                                                                 Thanks Harold  G7NAL
Hi Nigel,
To let you know,I've been dabbling in QRP with an FT817 on the LW10 getting amazing results, like 5/8 on 5 watts ssb from ES1TV Estonia and 5/8 from Ireland and Austria and Poland all on 40Mtrs.
Thanks again for great product. 73s Alan, G7ELG
 RE: The M0CVO LW-20 
just got the package in the mail, pretty fast!  will put the antenna up tomorrow and try to look over the mountains - looks like 1st rate workmanship

all the best & 72/73 de Grant/KT6L
On Wednesday 31st August  your Antenna was in use on the summit of Hutton Roof Crags, we were activating it for WFF (World Flora & Fauna) and SOTA, it brought us many contacts in on 20m from all over Europe from Russia to The Azores and we were only firing on 5 watts.

Had a lot of fun with it and it stands up to bad weather as it has been blown down on many occasions, but with no damage at all.


Best regards

Barrie Cartledge G1JYB

Hi, Just to let you know HW40 is up and running at about 20 feet AGL and tuning nicely on all bands from 10 to 80 M with MFJ 993 Tuner.

Regards Peter G0TCF

RE: The M0CVO LW-20

Hi Nigel,
Can't get the wire higher than 20 feet but it hears as well as the cushcraft R7 mounted on my roof with less noise - haven't transmitted yet but should work fine.

73 Grant/KT6L


By the way hows this for your LW-10 - 5watts qrp to
ET3SID 5/5 report from Ethiopia 3746 miles. It's a great antenna. 73s Alan

 I put up yesterday your LW10 (the exact length of my garden) its 2-3 s points up over my vertical, so happy with that.

Paul, 2E0BHA

Hi Nigel,

Just got the antenna (LW-20) up again and was able to work 80 meters for the 1st in a long time. Seems to radiate as well as the Cushcraft R7 on 40 meters, or perhaps better, and of course the R7 won't work on 80 m.

Thought the quality was very high on the package that you sent me and am enjoying it a lot!

thanks for providing a 1st rate product!

73 de Grant


Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the performance of your HW-40HP antenna. After a 20 year lay-off from Amateur Radio I've just taken the hobby up again and, a a G6 previously limited to VHF / UHF, this time round is also my first foray on the HF bands.

Working QRP PSK with just 1 to 1.5W from my FT-817ND and your antenna I'm already getting good reports back from places like The Azores and Asiatic Russia (2,410 miles) - and this is before I've even put the antenna up at full height!

Contacts have been on 15, 17, 20, 30 and 40 metres so this is definitely great antenna for small gardens / restricted areas.

Keep up the good work.


Stuart, G6IMT


HELLO NIGEL your UN UN 4:1 - 6:1 - 9:1 are fabulous, also tested inverted V, the same antenna HW20HP positioned with horizontal polarization, the Caribbean region and New Zealand, the many signals ALE NORTH AMERICA ,....... really

Mani thanks in advance

Best regards to future purchases


I'm using one of your OCF's which I have modified from the 10m (approx) long version to a 20m (approx) long one as I realised I could get the longer one in. Works like a champ - getting on for 200 DXCC heard with it this year alone! Great antenna, simple but effective


Good afternoon Nigel

Further to our telephone conversation last week I ordered and received the above next day.;Spent a bit of time on sat morning taking down the antron 99 and stringing up the LW between the side of my house and weeping willow in the garden.  After some initial tuning issues ( I needed to extend my coax length from 12m) to get good swr accross 10 - 20 mtrs inclsuive I have now had a couple of days on the air.  Delighted to report the following contacts with 100w from IC 746: JE1 Japan 17m, FM5 Martinique 10m, VE3 Canada 15m; CO6 Cuba 15m; K3 USA 15m; TR8 Gabon 10m; KP2 Us Virgin islands 10m

Delighted to be more active accross the HF spectrum, would reccommend to anyone who has space issue / XYL hating antenna issues

Thanks again

Paul, G1 PQJ



Your (I should say my, I suppose) HW-20HP arrived this morning – I have the week off thankfully, and within half an hour was slung inside my loft and connected to my trusty FT-920 down here in my “office”.I know loft mounting isn’t ideal, but I’m not in the business of large external “erections” (pardon the phrase!) as I’d rather be fairly discreet verging on the “covert” as regards my radio interests. I had spotted from your web site that the dimensions of this aerial were absolutely ideal for my loft, as it fits almost exactly. This is the main reason I decided to buy it.  Obviously it is far too early to make a quantitative assessment, and being a good match isn’t anything like the whole story, however even though it is inside my loft, connected to my radio via a run of coax through my house cavities, etc, the aerial still matches perfectly on all bands between 20m and 10m.  I am currently running my QRSS grabber and WSPR simultaneously on 30m where obviously it needs a little bit of help from the ATU, but I have to say that it lives up fully to your claims, and I have no doubt at all that it will outperform my previous dipole “nest” which is now in the scrap bin!

Regards (73)

Martin – G4FUI


Hi Nigel,

I bought an LW-20 off you at Newark and I've just got round to installing it...!! I used the lazy "z" pattern we spoke about and just had enough wire...!! I've just had a quick QSO on 20m with a mobile Italian station giving me a signal report of 5/7 and likewise I received him at the same sigs...!!! from an 817...!!!! Needless to say I'm overjoyed with that and the antenna, I managed to tune 80 with a bit of playing about, reverting to the 817's swr readout, and managed to tune all bands unto 10m using my MFJ969 atu, even managed to tune a bit of 6m too...!!! Overall I'm very happy.


Denny M3HSJ


Hi Nigel

The HW20-HP that I bought took 5 minutes to cable tie to the washing line which is 2 meters high. With 100 watts I have worked into Russia 5000km and California 8000km. All the bands that is is supposed to work on I have tried and have +1000km contacts on them all. What a great little aerial. Take a look at my log on QRZ.com and all those stations are worked from this antenna. Remember it is 2 meters high and not a ? beam.

Martin, G6VMR


Just a note to let you know how pleased i am with the LW40 i purchased. Considering my lack of space, and the bent and twisted shape i have to use, the results are excellent. A good no-nonsense antenna with quality parts that look like they're built to last. Many thanks, Baz M3DMV


Well I just strung the antenna up..... 15ft agl at one end and 6ft agl at the other so not very high. First contact, first shout, 5/5 into Virginia with W4IOW so I am a happy bunny. Thanks for all your help. The HW-40HP tunes fine via the Kenwood on 80M.

Kind Regards

Paul, G0RLJ


Just thought I would write to say thank you for a great product. I ordered the M0CVO HW - 40HP
on Christmas Eve and it arrived the day after Boxing Day, that's what i call "Service" and there's not much of that around these days Nigel.

Strung up as an unusual Inverted V and tunes beautifully on the internal ATU.

Thanks again for such a well mad product and fast delivery.

73's Stuart G4VMF


Just to say Magitenna Fantastic 1.2 match on 80 1.1 0n 40 1.4 0n 20 1.9 0n 21 1.5 on 28. Actually had an 80 mtr qso never been known from this QTH before....Just magic. 73s alan


 Hello Nigel,

I thought I would give you some feed back on the HW-20HP I purchased to take to Cyprus last month.

I decided to run low power as the QTH Villa was surrounded by other houses and did not want to run the risk of Amp Power Hi.

Well I put up the HW-20HP attached to the Villa balcony 15 feet high by a bit of nylon and ran it across the pool and attached the other end to an Hibiscus bush around 8 foot high. Using simple RG8 coax into the ATU of the rig a Yaesu FT897D.

I was amazed with the performance of the OCD. I worked over 70 countries ranging from VU,HK,4J,5X, UJ, UN, TF,TK, 5U,A6,A4,C3,EA8,EA9,EY, PJ4, and most of EU

I appreciate a 5B call helps but the antenna worked beyond my wildest expectations. A perfect antenna to pack into a carry on bag with the rig and have fun at your holiday QTH. It did what it states on the packet "Radiate your RF". For fun I entered the CQWW RTTY contest in QRP and held my own. amazing bit of wire and well made,

best 73 Glyn 5B/GW0ANA


Hi Nigel.

           Many thanks for the'Magituner'
Connect it up on Saturday and 'boy' the radio is now alive !!
Signals on all bands up about 2 'S' points,on 6 metres
worked a few stations first time for years,on 10 worked
a few stations too.
                    Many thanks
                      Ron GW3PLB
Hello Nigel I thought I would give you some feed back on the HW-20HP I purchased last Week.

SWR are as follows
40m 1.6 : 1
20m 1.4 : 1
15m 2.3: 1
10m 1.0 : 1

the antenna is only at 25 feet above the ground
with the last 3 -4 feet in a dog leg on the fence
made some very good contacts with HW20HP .best contact made so far is JH,&JE on 20 meters giving me 5.7 Reports
and loads of Europe all giving my 5.9 + and 3-4 USA stations giving me 5.8 reports very happy with this cheap but effective antenna
Recommend to anyone for the price very cheap and effective and also its a stealth antenna for neighbours
Thanks Barrie M0DLT .



Dear M0CVO Antennas,

As i'm sure you are aware The Wessex Contest Group were given the opportunity to run the G100RSGB call sign for 24 hours on Monday 22nd April and in our antenna array we used 2 M0CVO HW40-HP antennas. We used these antennas at 90 degrees phase and with the add on kit for 17m.

The antennas performed flawlessly throughout the day. They both had substantial pile ups, the rig that was the dedicated 40m station ran a pile up form 8am until 4 pm, where it was then put to work operating a pile up on 17m before returning to 40m for the evening and night shift. The 2nd station again ran without missing a beat mostly running digital on 15m and 20m.

In total we spoke to 1280 contacts, in 146 DXCC across all 6 continents, and these antennas provided us the majority of these contacts. On 40m alone we managed US, New Zealand, Indonesia, Kuwait, Brazil and the majority of Europe. 

On behalf of the Wessex contest group, I would like to thank you for providing a solid, well constructed antenna that performs again & again.

Many thanks

Dan (M0TGN) on behalf of Wessex Contest Group (MX0WCB) 

Hello Nigel,

 Just got a MV-6HP 6 Band Mobile Antenna from one of your distributors  (PJ Box – Roy M3YKT) and I had to drop you a line to tell you how pleased I am with it.

          I’ve only got a small garden with restrictions on what antenna’s I can put up, so I mounted it on top of my aluminium  greenhouse and with my FT817 and 5 watts I’ve had amazing results working all over Europe with good reports compared to my long wire.

          Looking forward to working across the pond with my other radio on your amazing antenna.

                             Best regards Roy  G0LIA


Ordered one day delivered the next, you cant get a better service than that, up in the air an hour later and working really well on all bands. I can thoroughly recommend anyone wishing to have a decent true aerial to buy one from MOCVO
Thanks for a well constructed aerial
Dave G0AYD.


A video sent in by Jon, G0IUE: http://youtu.be/fDCnr5D2CP0


Hi Nigel,

Just thought that I would offer my humble and no experience opinion about the HW-80HP antenna which you speedily got to me. I have a lot to thank you for as I was on the brink of giving the radio up! 

I 'slapped' the antenna up, with a slight angle between the legs, with the shorter leg sloping down slightly, about 20 feet AGL. Plugged it in with enthusiasm... And.... Wow!!! What can I say. The best days radio I have ever had!! Never before, even with an antenna that cost over twice the price, have I had contacts in Canada and Cuba on PSK under 10 Watts - no problem with your antenna Nigel. 

So thank you, you have brought the enjoyment of radio back into my life. I will be highly recommending you to everyone! Even the milkman who doesn't have a license yet!!

Dear Nigel,
I felt that I should write to express my appreciation of your excellent service. I phoned my order in for an HW-40HP and it was sitting on my table less than 24 hours later! Two hous later it was installed and working. It is an immediate and obvious improvement over the Carolina Windom, making 24 contacts in its first two hours of operation, including Brazil and Iceland!
Many thanks.
David Mears, GW4ONI

Hi   Ordered HW-20HP on Thursday afternoon the16th of Jan,  delivered on Saturday the 18th at 8am.

Fantastic service thanks. Have tried out the antenna it does all you say it was designed to do. 40mtrs with atu, swr = 1.3/1.  Fantastic!   barry m1cyj


I purchased an HW40HP OCFD some time ago, this antenna is in my attic, in a flat 'V'  configuration, it is used exclusively on Digimodes, and mainly on QRP, on all bands. The 59 reports from every corner of the world, say it all. I would recommend this antenna to anyone, who has space restrictions or unfriendly neighbours / councils, and wish to get on with the hobby ? I have also had some SSB contacts in to the USA using 10w on 12m / 10m.

DAVID       G0FVH.


Just some feedback. I live in an apartment and have been trying to work out how I can operate from here. I bought a 20LW and have the balun end attached to the window-frame and the wire suspended from a paracord line secretly borrowing support from a very high lamppost on the other side of the street... I have been regularly working Japan on 15m. Nice. It is electrically so noisy here 15 and 20m are about all I can use but it works there pretty well at those frequencies and higher.

We have a cottage in the middle of nowhere and I went there at the weekend and took a HW-20 with me, threw it up and took part I the contest. The dipole was only about 3m about the ground at most and I worked 20 countries including Argentina!

Jonathon, OH2BBG


 Hi Nigel,
I bought a HW40-HP OCFD from you a couple of weeks ago. I have a 40' fibreglass spiderbeam mast, but a quite small garden, and as such, the inverted V configuration I have mounted the antenna means it is not ideal and has a much smaller angle between the two antenna legs than is really ideal. On top of this, the last third of the longest antenna leg, is bent off and runs parallel to the top of my fence along the back of my garden.
I was not expecting much in the way of results to be honest, and I did not use any air-choke on the feedline.
I am extremely surprised, to report that the swr (although not perfect) is perfectly usable between 1:2.5 and 1:1.5 at each edge of the 40m band, and between 1:1.7 and 1:1.4 at the edges of the 20m band. It is higher on 10m but still just under 1:3.0 and can be tuned with my FT450d internal tuner. I have not tried any other bands yet.
Thank you for making such a great design, because it has enabled me to get on air and work 8 countries over the past two days. I will always recommend you if anybody asks !
Nik : M6GFT


I have made many Antenna's in the past, being a true Yorkshire man we don't like to dip into our pockets too often...(hihi) saw an ad online for the Multiband hw42hp OCFD 40 to 10m which played straight into my wheel-house I was amazed at how good it was... no atu was used SWR below 1.5 on all specified Bands. but with the LDG AT pro 100 tuner It will tune from 160m - 6m although 160m is a little ropey, I have had more DXCC's in the last 6 months of using this antenna then I've had for the last 2 1/2 years... JT65 worked all continents at 5w and below 20m Barcelona 872 miles 2w psk31,63,125 worked all continents 10w and below Thailand Japan Reunion Island not a problem for this antenna..

I paid £65 delivered for this model which in my book considering the construction quality and parts used and time is an absolute bargain.... I have a very small garden 13m x 12m the HW42HP is 20.28 meters long and fits in this space as an inverted "V" with room to spare....Many thanks M0CVO from a very happy customer.....best 73s


Hi Put the HW-40HP up yesterday and just finished reading the SWR with the MFJ-269 analyser.SWR readings are good from 7 to 28 Mhz.Even at 50/70 reads 1.3 to 1.9 @ 40 to 50 ohms! On 144.050 it`s 1.4 @ 60 Ohms & 145.500 it`s 1.6 @ 60 Ohms...How good is that..Very pleased with the aerial & it`s construction is good.Many thanks..Mike G0CWM


40m OCF purchase - installed in loft. Took 15miins with 2x bungees. Sits parallel to t2fd. Good VSWRs but proof of pudding.... pulling in more dx despite low SFI. Breaking pile ups, no linear, eg LU1ZI, 3XY1T, JA, VP8, UA0, 3B8, 3B9, 9J2, V5 etc, sometimes first call if I get the up freq correct.
Excellent performer Nigel, especially WARC bands which were my priority when purchasing.
73 Terry G3RKF



Chris Herring 5*  RatingReview posted on
15 Sep 2016
I have had a few antennas made by Nigel plus a high power 4:1 balun the 1.8 to 30 mgz ocf he designed for me was his 1st and it has never let me down it work better than other big name makes i have had up before
 Hello Nigel, last year I purchased a HWQ40 OFC antenna from you, The antenna performs brilliantly and is far more broadband than you claim, Running it via my MFJ939 autotuner I get SWR readings of 1.1 on all bands from 160m to 6m (all the HF bands my FT991 covers), with many of my DX contacts on the 80m band which is outside the design of the antenna . If I had room to go for the bigger version of the aerial I would get one tomorrow. G1IKH