M0CVO Antennas Limited

Tel: (++44) 01623 406003 Mobile:(++44) 07921639978 email: contact@m0cvoantennas.co.uk


M0CVO, first licensed in 1998 as M1DKN and then in 2000 as M0CVO after passing the 12wpm CW test.  I have always had an interest in antennas both in design and construction, having my first published design in Practical Wireless in 2001 - a four element quad for 2m.  Since then I have written two books on antennas - "Beyond The Dipole" and "Into the Ether" which are available through lulu.com and amazon. 

Other than that I have a love of operating on 2m, 4m, 6m and hf (usually around on 20m or 40m although I enjoy the thrill of 15m when the band is open).  I have always felt that an important aspect of amateur radio is the right to design, construct and modify equipment for use in the shack.  I have bult and used QRP transmitters and various items of test equipment, some of it still in use.

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