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MOGPIE is the software development side of M0CVO Antennas.  Some of the work done is available below (some as a direct download and some via the Microsoft Store).  It is all Windows based software although .net stuff is also worked on for cross platform apps.

Freelance work is available for anybody needing a small desktop app creating to their specifications.  Please use the contact form on our contact page to enquire about this


Although most of the software on this page is free to install and use, please consider making a small donation to the developer using the button to the right as it is takes time to develop and perfect any software.

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Quad Design v.2.4

Quad design Screenshot. 

Quad Design v.2.4 is an easy to use app that can be used to help in the design of a quad beam antenna. 

It is available Here for free download. 

QUADDesign_readme.txt - the readme file (instructions)

However, if you find this software useful please consider making a donation Here.



Lambda Calculator is an antenna calculation package for use on older operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7  or Windows XP.

It can be downloaded for free from HERE 


AntCalc v.2.1.1 screenshot


A basic antenna design calculator to help with various antenna types.

It is available for free download from  HERE




RuleCheck small screen shot. 

RuleCheck is a Windows 10 UWP App to convert between different units of length and from imperial to metric or visa versa.  It can be downloaded and installed for free from HERE


Dracho is a simple no frills Internet browser.  Use it to search your favourite Internet sites. Please note, this does not save a history of sites visited. It is available from HERE



This is a no frills Internet browser for Windows 11 written in C# and dotnet 6.  It has some built in safety features to protect your precious PC and files.

It is available from HERE


JPole is used to calculate the dimensions for a J Pole antenna.  This is a Windows 10 desktop app. Any band, any frequency. Whether you wish to build your J Pole using 300 ohm ribbon feeder or aluminium/copper pipe. 


AntennaCalcPack is the latest offering from Mogpie.  This is a collection of valuable antenna design calculators including Quad design for a quad beam, AntCalc for common antenna types, Inductor Calculator and a Resonance Calculator for calculating the resonance of a tuned LC circuit or trap.  It is currently available from HERE. This is version 2.  If you are sight challenged await version 3 which has an increased font size and better backgrounds to aid accessibility. 


Easy Note is a text editor for simple text files (*.txt) or code files (*.cs, *.cpp, *.html, *.xml, *.vb, etc.).Easy to use desktop app for Win10 only.  Full details and download available from the Microsoft App Store HERE

Antenna Designer

Antenna Designer is a collection of programs to design anything from a dipole to a multi-element directional antenna for a little more gain.

It is available as a free download from HERE


This is a cross platform antenna calculator for use on Linux and Mac OS as well as Windows.  It is available as a free download from HERE (zip file).



This is a calculator used for calculating an half wavelength at any frequency for the purpose of designing an half wave antenna, be it a centre fed dipole, an off centre fed dipole or an end fed half wave.  Results are provided in both feet and metres.  It is available from HERE.

Hybrid Antenna Calculator

This is an hybrid desktop app (Windows) version of a cloud web app.  Provides a calculator for both dipoles and loops. It is available for free as a click once application from HERE

Corner Reflector Antenna Calculator

A corner reflector antenna is often used at UHF frequencies (and higher).  This calculator will give you antenna dimensions and possible gain.  Available from HERE.

BMI Checker

BMI Checker

A Windows app to check your body mass index (BMI).  Suitable if you're weight training, dieting or keeping an eye on your general health.  Available from HERE